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Our Specialized Approach

Harbour Bridge Consultants is never “cookie cutter.” We provide customized answers not only based on employment law requirements but also with an understanding of our clients' industries.


Can a business pay different rates to the same employee during different shifts? Does this impact an overtime calculation and if so, how does the employer determine what the overtime rate should be? What is the training requirement for a particular state related to Anti-Harassment laws? How should a business navigate vaccine mandates and how do we manage accommodation requests? Harbour Bridge Consultants can help you navigate questions like these.

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Entertainment Merchandise

Originally The Harry Potter Shops at Platform 9 3/4 was solely a U.K. based company. Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC, established the entire retail team connected to the Broadway show, The Cursed Child. Building the HR component from the ground up, we created the job application, job descriptions, employee handbook, and the entire new hire onboarding process. We launched a full recruiting initiative to hire all staff from the General Manager to sales and merchandising staff and served as the sole HR representative to the growing team. When Warner Brothers Entertainment purchased The Cursed Child retail store, it engaged with Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC to continue to provide training, employee relations guidance and support with special project initiatives.

“Jennifer worked closely with me to put the retail team together for The Cursed Child on Broadway and her expertise in Human Resources is second to none. She managed the day-to-day onboarding and queries with great professionalism from management personnel across to store staff to support the team where required. I would highly recommend her services.”

Jonathan Sands

Former Senior Vice President

Warner Brothers Entertainment

Retail Operations

Eli Halili, Inc. is a luxury jewelry design creator. With a shop of 8 employees, Eli Halili, Inc. understood that being a “small employer” didn’t exclude his business from the requirements of employment laws. Understanding their business needs and working within their budget, Harbour Bridge Consultants provides the compliance guidance they require with the “behind the scenes” approach. Whether a business is “family-owned” or “big and grown,” Harbour Bridge Consultants meets our clients right where they are.

“The Eli Halili brand is based on Eli's unique worldview and shaped by an insatiable curiosity. We looked for the same qualities when we were hiring a Human Resources Consultant. We found exactly that with Harbour Bridge Consultants! Jennifer understands our brand culture and ensured the handbook she created and other policies she introduced were reflective of who we are. Whether assisting with recruitment or creating a new policy, Jennifer always provided the right guidance. As a small business, we needed to be cost conscious and we loved that with Harbour Bridge Consultants, we didn't pay for services we didn't need. Jennifer is always a call away and that brings us peace of mind, knowing our HR needs are in good hands!”

Eli Halili,


Eli Halili INC

Logistics and Delivery Operations

DUTCH-X provides delivery and logistics services to clients in and around NYC. Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC serves as the Senior Human Resources lead for DUTCH-X when interacting with clients, including giants like Amazon and Whole Foods Market. Harbour Bridge Consultants works with the junior HR department setting the vision and protocols for the department. Whether helping the business grow from 100 employees to now over 600+, working directly with DUTCH-X’s attorney to ensure the business is compliant with all federal, state and city labor laws to providing training to their growing staff, Harbour Bridge Consultants, goal is the same, to set the business up for continued growth and success.

“There is no comparison to the services provided by Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC, and specifically Jennifer! 


Unlike many consultants I’ve worked with, Jennifer is quick to assess a situation, boil the details down to the heart of the matter and find the right solution for our business’ needs. She has a keen understanding of the unique challenges that our company faces given that our workforce is primarily entry level employees working remotely. What we discovered when we started working with Jennifer was not just what we thought we wanted in a consultant, but what our business really needed. She brings a personal touch, a sense of humor, and her vast knowledge to an incredibly complex division. Whether working with our attorney to ensure our handbooks are up to date, responding to a Department of Labor inquiry or conducting an investigation, we are confident that our business is in good hands. We could work with any number of HR companies, but we continue to partner with Harbour Bridge Consultants because of the care and commitment Jennifer has shown in her many years working with our business.“

Ariella Azogui


DUTCH-X (Amazon Logistics)

Law Firm

Kacvinsky, Daisak, Bluni, PLLC (KDB) is an IP law firm operating with a hybrid workforce. When they originally reached out to Harbour Bridge Consultants, they were looking for someone to assist with day-to-day employee questions and other HR issues. They weren’t ready to hire a full-time HR person, but they recognized that with 50+ employees, the job was too big for someone to do in addition to their regular responsibilities.  They needed an expert with employment knowledge that spanned several states, who was available on a daily basis, or as needed, and a group that could be flexible. Harbour Bridge Consultants was ready to assist. HBC handles all of KDB’s daily HR needs, their employee benefits programs and their attorney and staff training/development.

"As a hybrid law firm with attorneys and staff working in both physical offices and remote locations in multiple states, we needed an HR group that understood our model and could adapt to working within this structure. Harbour Bridge Consultants has proven to be a great asset to our Firm. Whether an attorney has questions about their benefits, or a staff member needs some additional coaching, Jennifer is readily available. She has also been invaluable in standardizing various employee/firm documentation.  Her critical thinking and understanding of the bigger picture have been useful with our recruiting efforts. And when we looked to launch an internal "University" for our team, Jennifer jumped right in developing on-demand videos as well as customized training to be delivered to attorneys and staff regardless of physical location. She has become a valuable member of our team and someone our firm can depend on."

Dan Daisak

Senior Principal

Kacvinsky, Daisak, Bluni, PLLC (KDB)

Health Care

Focus Forward Skilled Care, LLC provides in-home care for medically fragile children throughout Florida. Harbour Bridge Consultants works with their onsite general manager to develop policies, answer questions related to wage and hour concerns, conduct compensation analysis, assist with benefits enrollment and provide overall human resources guidance. Whether a client is down the street or across the country, the individualized support they receive is the same-  knowledgeable and industry-specific advice that is aligned with their needs.

“Working with Jennifer has been one of the best decisions our business has made. As a Florida based business, we wondered about hiring a consultant based out of New York. However, my concern was proven unwarranted as Jennifer went above and beyond to ensure our business needs were always met while remaining compliant with not just federal law but Florida state law as well. Within weeks, she created an employee handbook, assisted with compensation analysis, and helped us navigate a challenging separation with an employee. Her advice has proven helpful at every turn. I cannot speak more highly of her work and dedication. I would recommend any business owner looking for human resources guidance and support to engage with Harbour Bridge Consultants.”

Tom Messina


Focus Forward Skilled Care LLC

Studio Production

BSTV Entertainment is a ten-time Emmy nominated development and production company specializing in lifestyle programming. Harbour Bridge Consultants partnered with their team to develop customized training that was fun, interactive, and fit with their progressive culture. Because of the great success of the training programs, Harbour Bridge Consultants has grown its relationship with BSTV to serve as its “in-house” HR department, conducting exit interviews, serving as the “point person” for employee questions, and being a resource for managers and supervisors. With a workforce that has some employees who work full time, some that work part-time, and others who work when needed, Harbour Bridge helps BSTV navigate the HR landscape in this unique industry. 

"When we began working with Harbour Bridge Consultants, we were in need of human resources guidance on several specific issues. Initially, we were looking at training programs and found that the "one size fits all" training many companies offer didn't work for our culture or cover what we hoped it would.  Jennifer quickly helped us identify what was lacking and designed a communication training that covered all the things we wanted. She has since created more customized training for our organization ranging in topics from D, E, & I to Zoom etiquette. Additionally, she has conducted exit interview analysis to identify any potential concerns for our business as well as designing an employee survey which was very well received by our staff.  Overall, we could not be happier with our experience and would recommend anyone looking for Human Resources help turn to Harbour Bridge Consultants!"

Beth Burke 

Founder & Executive Producer

BSTV Entertainment

Film and Photo Studios 

Be Electric Studios is one of NYC’s premier film, television, and video studio stage rental companies. As their business has grown, so have their Human Resources needs. Harbour Bridge Consultants created and implemented their employee handbook and has provided guidance and support on issues ranging from accommodation laws to employee relations. Harbour Bridge Consultants works within their business framework which operates 7 days a week from early morning hours into the late night. Our consultants are available when our clients have a need, even when that might be outside of the “regular business day.”

"Unlike many consultants, Jennifer thinks like a business owner because she is one. She understands the complexity businesses face and "sees around corners" to find the details others may miss. This critical understanding is the difference between something being a "discussion point" versus it becoming a liability. Her responsiveness is unparalleled and greatly appreciated in a business perpetually working under tight time constraints. Having her in our corner to help navigate complex issues has been invaluable and we consider her an essential member of our team."

Andrew Stern 


Be Electric Studios


Nonprofit organizations face unique challenges, particularly related to staffing. Whether offering recruiting support or employee relations guidance, our goal is to always ensure that the organization is consistent with its mission while continuing to develop and grow. Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC helps navigate the complexity of human resources for non-profits with the flexibility it requires.

"As the executive director of a nonprofit organization that does not have a human resources staff, I have consulted with Harbour Bridge Consultants, LLC for over four years on a variety of complex human resource issues and have always found Jennifer to be accessible, thorough, professional, and helpful."

Wendy G.

Executive Director Nonprofit

Summit, NJ

Partner with HBC
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